1. I tried to draw those two in Paint >.<


  2. I’m crying so much because, next episode will be the last.


  4. HARU DON’T!

  5. Iwatobi VS. Samezuka

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  9. Samezuka Academy has two cuties! ^.^

    Kyoto Animation what are you doing with Haruka this ending? xD

  10. multimediaotakugal:

    Kyoukai no Kanata movie planned for Spring 2015

    Apparently there’s an announcement inside Kyoukai no Kanata's Volume 7!

    [ sources: 1 | 2 ]


  11. Only three days left!


  12. burningfire97 said: Yato #12 please? If you still taking request. I really love your arts by the way <3



  13. Anonymous said: I've gotten many compliments on your art as my wallpaper!! :D makes me excited Lol Your art makes me want to try and draw but I can't draw even for the sake of saving my life Lol. What tips would you give a beginner? Pencil to paper Hahaa computer would be impossible for me Lol. -Silver :)

    What tips would I give? Hmmm … a lot of practice. It’s hard to advise anything beyond that, because the first time I’ve sit to the creation of my first art (I was 10 years old and it was my otp from Xiaolin c: ) I noticed that I am very good copyist. Friends at school made ​​fun of me and said that I trace over >.< They believed only when I started to draw on their eyes. But I know from experience that it is worth look at styles of different artists. The cool thing is the videos on youtube (though I never used the tutorial xD )

    Probably this not much help… >.<


  14. nalunatic said: Laxus and 15? Your art is amazing <3


    Thank You! :3


  15. lunag0rn said: Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach with pallet 8 and if you don't know who he is then do Wendy with pallet 8 owo


    I watched a few episodes of Bleach and I very like Toshiro :3 He’s super cool and cute ^o^